Quay Kinetics – Injury Prevention Discussion Series

Treatment Room

We’re really excited to be able to introduce a series of Injury Prevention Discussion evenings hosted by our resident physiotherapists, Quay Kinetics.  Jennifer Lobb and her team will be tackling a different part of the body each month and sharing with you their thoughts on how to prevent injuries, specifically linked to the sport we all know and love – climbing!  The discussions will last 30 minutes and are free!  Come along and hear how to prevent and manage injuries to different parts of the body that can be particularly stressed by the movements we use in climbing.  The talks will take place in The Workshop Café at the centre and will be followed by 30 minutes of free advice/physio for attendees.  The first talk will be focusing on the Shoulder (s).  For more information check out the Quay Kinetics website or see our events page for Discussion Series dates.