Bringing groups

We welcome group visits in the centre and with our wide range of walls and climbing there is plenty for groups of all abilities.  Whether you are a school, youth or community group climbing is a great activity for children and adults of all ages.  As well as the obvious physical benefits, climbing teaches team work (the climber/belayer relationship) and self confidence – there is a mental challenge as much as a physical one and indoor climbing in particular is fantastic for teaching people how to measure and take risk in a controlled environment.  There are two ways you can utilise the centre as a group:

Visiting with a Qualified Instructor

If you are a qualified instructor then you can bring groups of climbers to climb under your supervision.  Many schools and community youth groups have access to qualified instructors who can teach climbing within the centre.    Before you bring your group we ask that you send us a copy of your qualification (CWA or SPA), your first aid certificate and your insurance for the activity.  We can then log you as an approved instructor and you are free to bring groups into the centre at any time as long as your certification is current.   We advise visiting groups to follow the same 1:9 instructor to climber ratio that our instructors follow but we understand that some groups allow for slightly higher ratios.

Hiring an Instructor

If you do not have access to a qualified instructor then you can arrange for our instructors to lead your session.  Our instructors operate on a 1:9 instructor to climber ratio and we charge £25 per hour for an instructor in addition to the climbing rate for the participants.  Please contact us directly for a quote when you are bringing organised groups so that we can ensure you receive the right structured session for your group.  We can run sessions for groups of all levels and for those seeking to ‘have a go’ or for those wishing to follow a more structured climbing programme as part of a curriculum or outdoor activity course.

Becoming Qualified to Instruct in the Centre

Many groups visit the centre on a regular basis and we recognise that in such situations it is more economical for you to have your own instructors rather than pay our instructor hire fee each time.  We run regular Site Specific Instructor training programmes which enable teachers or group leaders to instruct groups in the Quay Climbing Centre specifically (hence ‘site specific’).   For schools and education groups who do not have qualified instructors we run a discount programme for staff wishing to receive training – the first staff member is free and we offer a 50% reduction for a second staff member.  This programme only enables you to instruct at the Quay – if you wish to gain a qualification to teach climbing in any indoor wall please read more about the MLTE Climbing Wall Award  (CWA) Scheme that is regularly taught at the centre.