Explore our boulder caves

H-_Pictures-for-web_Boulder-montageWe have two dedicated boulder caves in the centre – offering challenges for boulderers of all levels.  Boulder Cave 1 is the place to be if you like roof problems or are starting to build your strength as it is the home of our 10 degree training wall.  Boulder Cave 2 is where the training opportunities really ramp with a 40 degree training wall and heavily featured walls.  Our Summer and Winter Boulder leagues are increasingly popular with a regular set of 25-30 new problems per month for you to test yourself against,  in addition to the training circuits on the circuit board.

Our Training Room located next to Boulder Cave 2 enables climbers to complete their training programmes in house with two fingerboards, campus boards, a beast maker and a pull up bar.  With lots of ‘toys’ to help you improve your grip strength, finger strength and pull up on various types of holds this is the perfect complement to your winter or summer training programme.