The Quay’s Youth Policy

We welcome younger climbers into the centre and have a host of climbing sessions and activities that are suitable for youngsters.  If you are under 18 years of age you can access climbing at the centre through one of three routes:

1.  under the supervision of an instructor – if you are aged 7 or above you could join an instructed session for example a Taster Session, one of our Youth Climbing Clubs or a session with your school/youth club

2.  under the supervision of one of our registered climbers – if you are age 5 or above a registered climber who is over the age of 18 can supervise you climbing.  They need to sign you in as a guest

3.  without supervision if you are part of our Purple or Green Card Schemes which exist to enable competent climbers aged 14 and above to train and climb independently in the centre once they are signed off by a Quay Climbing Centre Instructor

Parental Consent

All young climbers who are aged 16 and under must be accompanied by an adult when using the centre.  A parent or guardian must complete the registration form and sign on behalf of the young climber.  The adult does not need to climb with the young person if the young person is attending an instructed session or is a Purple/Green Card holder but must remain in the building.   If the adult is supervising the young person climbing they must remain with the young climber at all times.   You can register through our Online Registration System.  Click here to go to Registration.

The Purple Card Scheme

The Purple Card assessment is open for competent climbers aged 14 – 17.  Climbers must demonstrate to our instructors that they have a sound understanding of the basics of top roped climbing, can belay safely and understand the risks inherent when climbing indoors.  If you are under 16 then your parent or guardian must accompany you to the centre for the assessment.  Purple Card holders are only permitted to top rope climb and conditions may be attached to the card (for example limits on whether you can belay adults or not).    To lead climb unsupervised children must take the Green Card Assessment – this is by recommendation or invitation only and will require the young person to demonstrate a comphrehensive understanding of lead climbing and lead belaying.