Multi Day Courses

970200_10152312202791494_59221870_n[1]The jump from  indoor to outdoor leading, or from seconding routes outdoors to leading them, can be quite daunting.   We’ve structured two fabulous multi day courses designed to provide in-depth instruction into the art of climbing outside independently.

Our Setting Up Top Ropes course is run over two days and is designed to teach climbers how to rig a basic top rope set up using sound anchors as well as covering gear placement, personal safety and route finding.  The course can be run over two consecutive days or over a couple of weeks.  Day 1 will typically focus on equipment, anchor selection, passive protection/gear placement, rigging set up and personal safety away from the crag edge.  Teaching will focus on giving climbers practical experience in each of the skills taught, giving climbers the chance to realise the importance of communication, belaying conduct and to consider falls and practice falling.  Day 2 will move on to looking at route finding, use of guidebooks, access and conservation issues and focus on climbing as much as possible to put new skills into practice.  The course is suitable for competent indoor top rope climbers aged 18+.  Courses are run with a minimum of 2 participants and a maximum of 4 to enable plenty of tailored tuition.  Each day will last 8 hours and the total cost of the course is £180 per person.

Our Introduction to Trad Climbing course is aimed at competent lead climbers who have some experience climbing outdoors but wish to develop confidence and understanding of single pitch lead climbing.  Run by experienced coaches the course consists of 4 x 8 hour sessions, either run over a number of weeks or consecutive days.  The first session will focus on route choice, guidebooks, access, equipment and management of equipment, bottom belay top ropes, fall practice, introduction to anchor selection/gear placement and removal and plenty of practice on top ropes.  Day 2 will move onto lead belaying skills, consolidate gear placement and removal skills, look at seconding and move on to construction and management of belays.  Day 3 will provide for plenty of practice,  including live leading and seconding with instructor guidance from a safety line, and then move onto the skills required to set up a fixed abseil.  The final day will consolidate all learning and provide for plenty of leading and seconding to put your new skills into practice.  The session will also cover how to set up and safely use a retrievable abseil.  Due to the detailed nature of the course sessions will run with a maximum of 3 participants and a minimum of 2.  All participants must be aged 18 or over.  The course costs £300.