Before you visit

We’re looking forward to seeing you at the Quay!  Here is some pointers that we hope will help you before your first visit…

If you’ve never climbed before you will need to book a session with an instructor.  A Taster Session is ideal if you just want to have a go.  If you want to start climbing regularly come along to an  Induction Session

If you are a competent climber you need to register with us.  The registration process is simple – there is a short Registration Form to complete and we will check that you are aware of the risks inherent in climbing and ask to see you demonstrate some of the basics such as tying in and belaying.

If you are a lead climber you will need a 50 metre rope to climb at the Quay! Quick draws are in place. We will ask you to demonstrate that you are a competent lead climber and lead belayer when you register.

If you are under 18 then the process is slightly different and you need to be aware of our Youth Policy.  You can only climb under supervision of an adult or if you have been signed off by an Instructor under our Purple Card scheme.

If you are a registered user of the centre you can sign in up to two guests – if they are novices then you must belay them at all times, if they are competent climbers they can sign in as guest climbers and once signed off by an instructor are then free to climb unsupervised.  We offer a £1 discount to visiting climbers who are BMC members – just remember to bring your membership card.  Please refer to our Bringing Guests page for more information.

If you wish to bring a group to the centre you will need to hire an instructor.   Our instructors take groups on a 1:9 instructor:climber ratio.  If you are a qualified instructor (CWA or SPA) then you can bring groups but you will need to read our Visiting Instructor Policy before your first visit and provide copies of qualification and first aid certificates as well as proof of insurance.

If you are coming along for an instructed session then all gear is provided.  If you are coming to climb but don’t have all the gear we hire out harnesses, belay devices, boots and chalk bags.

We ask all climbers to use a re-threaded figure of eight knot whilst climbing at the centre

Please don’t use loose chalk in the centre

The centre is also home to Clip ‘n Climb.  If you wish to visit Clip ‘n Climb you can find out more information about booking and prices from their website.

If you are a parent of a child in the club looking for our Payment Form, please click here for our Recurring Payments Form

Registration Process and PDF Registration forms

The Quay’s Youth Policy and Parental Consent forms

Bringing guests 

Visiting Instructor Policy